Corrections Form

“Careless mistakes make the paper an easy target for criticism and interference and diminishes… respect. The best way to win respect and have solid ground on which to stand is to make the paper accurate in every way possible, including punctuation and grammar.” -Harry Kloman – News Adviser, The Pitt News

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College Heights Herald Correction Form

The reporter, editor, photographer or copy editor responsible for the error MUST fill out the correction form, and will talk about the error with their direct supervisor, in hopes of preventing future errors. (Note: This is an informational meeting, not disciplinary.) The correction form will be given to the editor-in-chief.

The editor-in-chief must route the correction form to the adviser, who will maintain a file of all correction forms.

Repeated errors will result in disciplinary meetings or, possibly, termination.


Corrections in the print edition generally appear on Page 2, although the editor-in-chief may consider a section-front correction if warranted.

Corrections in the print edition should follow this format:

Due to a Herald error/source error WHO/WHAT (Patricia Minter’s title/ the score of the Kansas State game/ the hometown of Jason Stamm) was misquoted/misspelled/incorrectly identified WHERE (in a front page article about parking/ in a brief on the sports front / in the crime reports on page two) of WHICH issue. (Then state correction. As in, Minter is the faculty regent; Stamm is from Morehead, etc.) The Herald regrets the error.

With a Page 2 statement that says (in italics):

The College Heights Herald corrects all confirmed errors that are brought to reporters’ or editors’ attention. Please call 270-745-6011 or 270-745-5044 to report a correction, or e-mail us at [email protected]